They call us

is an online platform for F&B businesses to channel edible food, cut down on wastage and save the environment. Every day, thousands of restaurants, eateries, bakeries, etc. throw away their unsold food after operating hours. This creates tonnes of food surplus, which could have been sold and re-distributed to students who love to save, the lower income group, orphanages, old folk homes and even charity organizations.

What we Do

Food Bank

We provide a platform for household to donate their groceries surplus where we will channel it to the beneficiaries to reduce food waste.

Food Surplus

This is where merchants join us to buy and sell their food surplus at a cheaper price like and happy hour by going online.

Green Education

Workshop,tours and evenets are organise from time to time to promote green and influence the green knowledge of many.

Why We Do It

It has been reported the amount of good food that Malaysian throw daily can feed up to 2 Million people which is the current population size of Penang. So why are we throwing away good food when we can buy them at a cheaper price? Why have we been doing this for decades? Is time for us to change that. That is where Green Hero comes in. We offer a platform for people who can buy edible food surplus for self consumption or channel it to NGO. We have always believe good food that is made should be eaten and not thrown away. Let's do our part together as a collective group so that we can make earth a better place and we can start with preventing food wastage.